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  1. Prohibited Actions

    Users of this website are prohibited from engaging in the following actions, including those prohibited by other provisions of these terms and conditions.

    1. Actions that will or may infringe on the copyrights, privacy, property and other rights or interests of other users of this website, third parties, the Company or its partner companies.
    2. Actions that will or may cause disadvantage, financial loss or other damages to other users of this website, third parties, the Company, or its partner companies.
    3. Actions that will or may be offensive to public order and morals, or violate laws, regulations, and ordinances.
    4. False declarations when using this website for membership registration or other purposes.
    5. Illegitimate use of email addresses, passwords, or other personal information.
    6. >Using this website to solicit business or achieve other commercial ends for profit, or for preparations thereto.
    7. Other actions that may interrupt the operation of this website or interfere with the provision of services.

  2. Personal Information

    Einsure.my will properly handle personal information of users in accordance with the Privacy Policy posted separately on this page.

  3. Copyrights and Other Rights

    Copyrights, trademarks, portrait rights and all other rights relating to this website belong to the Company or its partner companies, unless specified otherwise. Users are asked to respect the protection afforded to holders of copyrights, trademarks, portrait rights and other rights.

  4. Members

    The Company reserves the right to immediately cancel a membership, at any time without prior notice, if :

    • The member gave false or inaccurate information to the Company when applying for membership.
    • It becomes clear that the member has had his/her membership revoked or received some other form of censure for violating these terms and conditions of use or other regulations in the past.
    • The member engages in activities prohibited by the terms and conditions of use, or other Company regulations.
    • The member cannot be contacted via email, telephone or other means.
    • The Company deems any other act of a member as inappropriate.

    The Company shall assume no responsibility, whatsoever, for any damages caused to members or third parties as a result of the stoppage of website services to a member to whom any of the previous provisions apply.

    A member shall notify the Company of any changes in his or her registered name, address, phone number or other personal information using means specified by the Company.

    A member shall notify the Company when canceling his or her membership to this website using means specified by the Company.

    A member shall use his or her email address and password only for personal use, and must not transfer them to any third parties.

  5. Products

    The Insurance policy will only be effective upon approval by the Company and submission of premiums in full to the Company.

    The insurance policy will be terminated if premium is not paid when due.

  6. Governing Laws

    The formulation, legal force, application and interpretation of these terms and conditions of use shall be governed by the law of Malaysia.


I/We hereby declare and agree that: a) I/We understand that it is my/our duty to take reasonable care not to make a misrepresentation in answering the questions in this Proposal Form and I/We hereby declare that I/We have fully and accurately answered the questions above. b) I/we understand and agree that ORC Marketing Sdn Bhd (1180487-D) ("Company"), will act and rely on the information provided in the Proposal Form or any other documents signed by me/us otherwise any policy and endorsements (if applicable) issued (including renewals) or coverage granted may be void at the Company's option. I/We will notify the Company of any material change to my/our risk profile, failing which, the insurer reserves the right to either continue cover, impose additional terms or discontinue cover. I/We understand that failure to notify the insurer of any material change to my/our risk profile may affect my/our rights during a claim. c) Any personal information collected or held by the Company (whether contained in this application or otherwise obtained) is provided to the Company and may be held, used and disclosed by the Company to individuals, service providers and organizations associated with the Company or any other selected third parties (within or outside of Malaysia, including reinsurance and claims investigation companies and industry associations) for the purpose of storing and processing this application and providing subsequent service(s) for this purpose, the Company's financial products and services and data matching, surveys, and to communicate with me/us for such purposes. I//We understand that I/We have the right to obtain access to and to request correction of any personal information held by the Company concerning me/us. Such request can be made by writing to the Company at 3-2, Jalan Solaris, Solaris Mont’ Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, or phone: 603 6201 9888; fax: 603-6201 9900 d) By submitting your personal information, you are indicating your consent to allow the Company to keep you posted on the Company's latest products, services and upcoming events. If you do not wish to be contacted by the Company, you can opt out anytime by notifying the Company at any of the channels above. e) I/We agree to notify the Company immediately when there are changes to the above GST Registration Details or if I/we: i) cease to be GST registered; ii) sell my/own business or part of the business thereof; iii) change my/our GST registration number; or IV) become registered under a new GST identification number f) I/We understand that the above coverage will only be effective upon approval by the Company and submission of premiums in full to the Company. I/We agree that my/our coverage will be terminated if premium is not paid when due.


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